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Swave-W3 sensored brushless ESC
Manufacturer: Ensotech
Part Number: SWAVEW3
Store Retail: $149.99
Price: $134.99
Quantity: (15  in stock)
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Swave-W3, the ultimate sensor-type electronic speed controller for microscale 1:24 and 1:28 R/C cars, gives the best liner and responsiveness on drifting and touring races. Enjoy the best value versus performance ratio, size, weight, technology, and other advantages.
What is new compared to Swave-W2?
* Truth 25A continuous current to 35A peak current
* Equipped with a performance capacitor to sustain power flow and no longer requires hesitation work to install an external capacitor.
* Selectable 5.0V and 6.5V BEC output power for different types of servos.
* A new battery management system maintains the output consistently until the last, even with low-quality batteries.
* Lower operating temperature

This combo pack introduces a new generation Bluetooth adaptor ENSO BLUTH-MT with Swave-W3. It is a high-volt Bluetooth ideal for Swave-W3 with a 6.5V BEC output. A single Bluetooth can communicate with IOS also with Android.

CAUTION if using first-generation ENSO BLUTH and ENSO BLUTH-II (5.0V Bluetooth adaptor) on Swave-W3:
ENSO BLUTH and ENSO BLUTH-II are 5.0-volt first-generation Bluetooth adaptors. To avoid adaptor burn on Swave-W3, you first need to use the new ENSO BLUTH-MT or Android Ultralink programming cable to change the BEC voltage to 5.0V and successfully upload the new setting to esc. Then power off the esc before switching over.

NOTE: BEC simultaneously powers Bluetooth and servo. To use 5.0V Bluetooth, the servo is gained by 5.0V only.

Please read the user manual before using


"Blinky-mode" provides a fair racing environment between racers. (Shows that all timing advance switched to zero)
Stunning size and weight
Easy-to-use programming
Firmware update available
A professional set of customized parameters for the different race track
Automatic recognition of the Hall sensor’s position
Settings configurations export and import. (You can save and load configuration or share out)
Aluminium body
Firmware update and setting changes via Android and IOS version swave apps

Optional power connector to the battery (JST-PH) OR (MR-30 male) + (MR-30 Female)

Specification (Swave-W3):
Dimensions (mm): 29.00(L)*14.70(W)*7.50(H) excl. CAP / 9.60(H) inc. CAP
Weight: 6.0g
Supply Voltage: 2s lipo / 2s lion / 2s NiMH
Const./Brust Current (A): 25 / 35A
Sensor input: JST*1.0 - 5 Pin
Programming input: UARTLINK-II and III (wired) (Android) / ENSOBLUTH-MT (Bluetooth wireless) (Android and IOS) "Optional"
Receiver input: JST*1.0 - 3 Pin
Support motor: Slotless 15mm Brushless DC sensored and sensorless
BEC Output: 5V / 6.5V

Package Included:
1* Swave-W3 ESC
1* Receiver Cable - JST (product code: CABLE03)
1* Motor Sensor Cable (product code: CABLE06)

Motor Compliance:
The Swave series of electronic speed controllers (ESC) uses unique, groundbreaking, and revolutionary patented technology only Ensotech masters. This precision technology requires a meticulous and specific engineering process for sensored motors. It demands the use of high-quality motor components (i.e. low voltage sensor chip, PCB, stator, winding, etc..) coupled with the accuracy of the motor’s build and timing ‘tuning’. Ensotech-certified motors meet all the manufacturing and quality control criteria imposed by Ensotech and would guarantee the best performance of your Swave series ESC. The use of non-Ensotech-certified motors shall immediately void the Ensotech warranty.

Ensotech does not impose restrictions on using a sensorless 1528-sized brushless motor with the Swave series ESC.
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