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MC3 Programmable Transponder and Adapter Manuals
Quick Change Wheel Nut Install Instructions
Chase Mode (Tiki Tiki) Manual and Software
ICS Manuals and Software
Mini-Z Manuals
DSlot43 Manuals
Controller Manuals
Rim Offset Charts
dNaNo Part Chart
New to R/C Guide
Jon's Winning MC3 Fall Series Touring Car Setup
Jon's Winning MC3 Fall Series F1 Modified Setup
Our Mini-Z & dNaNo Forums
Using MR03 board in a F1 chassis
MantisWorx F1 Option Parts Install Guides
Tiki Tiki (Chase Mode) Board Explained
dNaNo base setup for RealTracks
MC3 Programmable Transponder and Adapter Manuals   Top
PDF of Manual is attached below. Click to view. You must have Adobe Reader or another program capable of pdf file types on your computer/smart phone/tablet, etc...
Quick Change Wheel Nut Install Instructions   Top
Check out the pdf attached below for instructions that include pictures or check out the videos below.

Thanks to Fai for his development and support work!

222451179_Quick Change Wheel Nut Install Instructions.pdf
Chase Mode (Tiki Tiki) Manual and Software   Top
ICS Manuals and Software   Top
222451173_AD Band_Mgr V1_1.exe
222451173_MINIZ_AD Band_HG_MGR Ver1.0_E.pdf
Mini-Z Manuals   Top
DSlot43 Manuals   Top
Controller Manuals   Top
Rim Offset Charts   Top
dNaNo Part Chart   Top
New to R/C Guide   Top
Finally got around to creating a small document to guide new users both to R/C in general and those new to Mini-Z:

Check out the guide and feel free to provide any comments or information you feel should be added to me at:
Jon's Winning MC3 Fall Series Touring Car Setup   Top
- 98mm wheelbase (tried 96mm, but experienced traction rolling)
- stock board, FETs etc.
- Reflex Racing alloy top cover
- ~0.75 gram of weight added to center tunnel on underside of chassis (thanks Santino)

Ferrari 360GTC
- wheel wells drilled out to fit 98mm wheelbase
- front splitter/lip trimmed, leaving ~1mm left
- window under roof was cut away
- front raised ~2mm for clearance and back lowered

- Atomic 19mm wheel (narrow)
- +1.5 offset
- Atomic 20mm wheel (wide)
- +1.5 offset

- Kyosho 30 deg slicks
- worn down from one prior weekend of racing
- Kyosho 20 deg radials
- worn down from one prior weekend of racing
- Route 246 tire tape (this tape is amazing… no more folding/rolling of the tire sidewall like with other tapes)

Rear End
Reflex Racing 94-96-98 adjustable wheelbase motor mount
- set at 98mm
- set at lowest ride height
Reflex Racing medium FRP T-plate
Reflex Racing disk damper (from multi-option rear end)
- Oil: none (attracts too much dust)
- Top Spring: medium
- Bottom Spring: hard
- disks & plate were sanded using very worn 600 grit sandpaper
PN Racing dual spring center shock
- Springs: silver ones it came with
- Preload: none

Front End
Reflex Racing adjustable front end
- Type: long kingpin setup, with stock arms & pin
- Springs: standard PN Racing MR02 white springs
- Camber: 0 deg
- Caster: 0 deg
- Roll Center: raised 0.8mm (using MA010 shims)
Ride Height
- PN Racing lowdown knuckles
- 1 thick + 1 thin stock plastic shim

Handout PN 50T… didn’t do much to it (probably why it wasn’t especially fast), except:
- “broken in” for 5 mins at ~40% throttle
- oiled the bushings
PN Racing 64p light weight ceramic ball diff
- Spur: standard one that comes on the PN Racing 64p ball diff
- Pinion: 13 tooth (64 pitch)
- set as loose as possible (right before spur would slip)
Reflex Racing ball bearings

Peak 900, Atomic VP800

Total weight was ~177 grams. I was down to 176.xx grams after a few qualifiers (tires wearing down?), which was the reason I added 0.75 grams of weight.
Jon's Winning MC3 Fall Series F1 Modified Setup   Top
MF010 SP1
- came with an ASF board
- black SP chassis
- Mantis V2 front bumper (with stock nose/wing)
- transponder mounted internally where the crystal would go for AM F1's

- Kyosho 30 deg (grooved)
- worn down to slicks from several race weekends
- Kyosho 20 deg (grooved)
- worn down to slicks from several race weekends
- Route 246 tire tape

Rear End
Route 246 alloy motor mount with disk damper
- set at second lowest ride height
- Oil: none
- Top Spring: hard
- Bottom Spring: hard
Kyosho rear shock
- Spring: stock
- Preload: 3x washers it came with
Kyosho carbon fibre suspension plates
- Side springs: none
- two screws closest to motor mount on chassis side were removed

Front End
Kyosho yellow (hard) springs
Kyosho stainless steel kingpins
Route 246 alloy knuckles
- Camber: 1 deg
Kyosho plastic tie rod
- the one with the most toe in

PN Racing 43T motor
Kyosho ball diff
- Spur: stock one
- Pinion: stock 8 tooth
- set as loose as possible (right before spur would slip)
Kyosho ball bearings

Peak 900, Atomic VP800

Controller Settings
I don't usually use any special settings with the MR03, but I do with F1...
Dual Rate
- 85% (the F1 has too much steering as it is)
Throttle Punch
- Forward: 50%
- Reverse: 30% (to help with that damn reverse delay)
No other curves or anything

Total weight of the F1 was ~210 grams the last time I checked... so not light be any means. No weight reduction has been done besides aero bits falling off the body from crashes
Our Mini-Z & dNaNo Forums   Top
Check out our forum spaces hosted by

Our Mini-Z forum:

Our dNaNo forum:
Using MR03 board in a F1 chassis   Top
Many of us at the track have built our F1s from scratch since the only F1 chassis available from Kyosho are the AM band versions.

You too can build your F1 from scratch or upgrade the board to a MR03 board by following the steps below:

1) The coreless servo motor needs removed- I replaced with an older AWD cored motor

2) Wiring changes:

a)Make sure to swap the positive and negative wires where they hook unto the board for the steering motor.
b)Swap the green and orange wires on the board for the steering pot. Otherwise, the steering won't work right

3) On/off switch needs replaced- I replaced with one from an old i-series board.
MantisWorx F1 Option Parts Install Guides   Top
Check out the link below for help:
Tiki Tiki (Chase Mode) Board Explained   Top
Chase mode (also known as Tiki Tiki mode in Asia) functions to limit power output to 70% of full throttle. When the moment comes to attack, a push of the 3rd channel button on the transmitter increases power output to 100% for 3-second burst of speed. This enables greater driving control and also adds the excitement of overtaking duels so drivers can enjoy nose to tail racing battles. Also, the number of power boosts can be set to apply a handicapping system to level the playing field for drivers of different experience levels. At the time of shipment, the overtake function is set to a maximum of 5 times per race.

How to activate the Chase mode

At the time of shipment, the MR-03 with Chase mode is set with its standard 100% power output setting. The Chase mode is activated simply by pressing and holding down the pairing button.

How does the Chase mode Handicap System Work?

The number of 3-second Chase mode speed bursts of 100% power output that can be used is able to be limited for each race. Depending on the driver$B!G(Js skill level, the number of Chase mode speed bursts can be set higher or lower, and therefore apply a handicapping system for the race. Drivers of any skill or confidence level can compete effectively and enjoy racing with this handicap system.
(Requires optional No.82080/I.C.S. USB adapter and PC to change handicap settings).

Number of speed bursts for each Handicap Classes

Chase mode Legend- 1 times
Chase mode Champ- 3 times
No Handicap- 5 times
Handicap +1- 6 times
Handicap +2- 7 times
Handicap +3- 8 times
Handicap +4- 9 times
Handicap +5- 10 times
Handicap +6- 15 times
Handicap +MAX- 250 times

The number of speed bursts in Chase mode is counted from when the chassis power is switched on until it is switched off. Each time the chassis power is switched on, the number of speed bursts enabled is reset allowing the handicap to be applied at the start of each race.
dNaNo base setup for RealTracks   Top
For our RealTracks testing, we found that box stock cars needed a front tire upgrade to Kyosho 40 degrees and the cars worked like magic on the track. We have tested the following cars: Mazda 787B, Porsche 962C, Ferrari FXX, Nissan 350Z GT500 2007. The only exception to the front tire upgrade has been the Aston Martin DBR9 which needs a different setup- further testing is required for this one car.

Kyosho Hard front springs

Kyosho Soft t-plate

Atomic Disc damper kit- Black spring bottom, silver spring top, Kyosho shock oil (comes with Mini-Z oil shock)

PN Racing alloy wheels (Nissan uses 19F and 19R)

PN Racing 8 degree rear tires

PN Racing 35 degree front tires

Kyosho Bearing set

Kyosho Adjustable Ball Diff- uses 1 spacer- Also switched to optionl 34 Tooth Diff Gear

Kyosho Alloy Front Suspension Kit

Kyosho Alloy Rear Hub Kit

Stock Kyosho motor with 7 Tooth Pinion and as noted above optional 34 Tooth Diff Gear
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