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4PK programming for VE board
EX-1 KIY Program Manager
ICS VE Software
Futuba 3PK and R246 KO Mini-Z Module Adapter
4PK programming for VE board   Top
If you use a 4PK with the new brushless (VE) car, and are getting a flickering light on the board with the result being the car would lose the radio signal briefly when performing very fast right to left transitions, read on:

Courtesy of "TheSteve" from forums:

There are several menu options in the 4PK, they change depending on if you select level 1, 2 or 3. I use level 2 for all of my models.
There are also several types of mixing but the easiest one I found to use was the one labeled "boat". Select that menu and then the following options:


CH1>3: -100
CH3>1: 0

That is all you need to do.

This commands channel 3 to do the opposite of whatever channel 1 is doing(Channel 1 is the steering channel). On the mr03ve electronics channel 3 doesn't appear to be used at all(I don't think it supports tikitiki) so using it is no problem.

If you then select the "SERVO" menu you can see bars that indicate the position of the steering, throttle etc. When you move the steering wheel you should see the channel 1 and 3 bar graphs moving in opposite directions.

I've driven quite a bit with this setup and its working flawlessly with the 4PK so I'm sure you'll be 100% when you made the change, no more red light flickering or loss of signal

EX-1 KIY Program Manager   Top
Only for use with ICS USB HS Adapter (Part #61028)

Program link coming....
ICS VE Software   Top
Futuba 3PK and R246 KO Mini-Z Module Adapter   Top
The adapter fits perfectly-no slop where it fits into the radio

Tip for those using the 2.4Ghz Mini-Z module in their 3PK. You have to ensure the radio is in PPM mode, otherwise the combo will not work (default mode for the 3PK is PCM mode). Also, you have to adjust the values within the radio so as not to damage your car (i.e. steering travel limit). Instructions are included with the adapter kit.
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